How I Found Piercing Near Me Without Using Google

How I Found Piercing Near Me Without Using Google

How I Found Piercing Near Me Without Using Google

When I need something, I’m like everyone else out there in the world — I ‘Google’ it. But when I started really thinking about finding piercing near me, something seemed really cheesy about popping a few words into a search bar. Truth be told, it made me feel like a real poser.

But how in the world does ANYONE find ANYTHING ANYMORE nowadays without actually using the biggest search engine on the planet? Considering we use the word ‘Google’ in different parts of speech, it’s safe to say that using Google is permanently entrenched in the cultural zeitgeist. This meant I had to have a strategy for finding a piercing studio. Of course, this started with actually knowing what I was looking for in a piercing.

I certainly had a tried-and-true option in terms of piercing resources — my friends and family. My family is fairly straight-laced, but they have plenty of body jewelry they’re still hiding from older relatives. Unfortunately, many of these piercings came by way of backyard homegrown jobs that left plenty of scar tissue. And while my friends were smarter about getting their piercings done professionally, it has been a number of years since those days.

My spirits were low until a co-worker of mine mentioned that he was checking out his significant other’s art show and invited me to come along. Turns out, being around artists and being in artist enclaves like this were inspirational. Not only was the artwork magnificent, but the body art was grand, especially the piercing. I met a number of piercers & their satisfied clientele.

Piercings are something I’ve become quite familiar with and found to be very cool, which is why I finally decided to get one. But I’ve also learned that asking a piercer for an ear piercing is like telling a chef, “Yes, I’d like a breakfast, please.” The are A LOT of possibilities. My first place to look for a great piercing experience was going to be probably my most obvious — somewhere I’ve been before. I have a few tattoos, so I’ve been around body art for some time. Tattoo studios have steadily become one of the premier places where the best piercers can be found. In fact, some of the best tattoo studios make it a point to always have a piercer onsite, ready to serve clients as needed.

When it came right down to it, finding piercing near me was as easy as checking out the main website for my favorite tattoo studio — Platinum Ink in Austin, TX, serving the central Texas area for twenty years and providing the best tattooing AND piercing around.

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