Popular places to get a tattoo in Austin

There are several popular places to get a tattoo in Austin and all of them have pluses and minuses, depending on your lifestyle, future plans and propensity for sun exposure. As you decide where you want your tattoo, here are a few things to keep in mind:
Sun: Tattoos tend to last longer if they are not exposed to sunlight. If you want your tattoo to still look great in 10 to 20 years, choose a location that gets less sun exposure – or at least plan to wear sunscreen religiously. Touch-ups over the years can help alleviate fading.
Skin type: Places where the skin gets a lot of movement, such as elbows, knees, wrists and other joints can make it harder for your tattoo to heal because the skins stretches. If you choose a tattoo in one of these locations, talk to your tattoo artist about how best to care for your new tattoo as it heals.
Future plans: A tattoo is a long-term decision. As you decide on the best place to get a tattoo in Austin, consider how your body will change as you age. Another future plan to keep in mind is pregnancy and the dramatic changes it can bring to an abdominal tattoo.

The best places for tattoos in Austin based on your body
As you decide where you want to get a tattoo, think about whether you want to show it off to the world or keep it between you and your closest friends. Many places for a tattoo can be easily covered up with clothing if you choose – or flaunted if you prefer.
Another factor to consider when choosing where to get a tattoo in Austin is discomfort. “How much will it hurt” is a frequent question for tattoo artists, especially from those getting their first tattoo. How much it hurts depends on several factors, including how much fat or muscle is between the skin and the bone, how thin the skin is and how many nerve endings are in the area. Your level of pain tolerance will also greatly impact how painful tattooing is to you.
Ankle: Ankles are a popular tattoo spot, although inking here can be painful, if it is over the leg bones. Summer sun is also a consideration, so wearing sunblock on your ankle tattoo is important.
Shoulder: Another popular spot for Austin tattoos are the shoulders and upper back. Sun exposure is easily minimized in these areas and the pain factor is reduced due to thicker skin and fewer nerve endings.
Forearm: Tattoos on the forearm are also less painful. Choose the inner arm if you are concerned about sun exposure.
Calf: The calves are a popular place for a tattoo in Austin and with few nerve endings and plenty of tissue between skin and bone, pain is minimal.
Bicep: Historically one of the most popular spots for a tattoo is also one of the least painful. Tattoos on the triceps can be a bit more painful, however, as the skin on the inside of the upper arm tends to be thinner and more sensitive.
Upper cheek: Or lower back, if you prefer. More technically known as the gluteus maximus, the area high on your backside provides a perfect spot to get a first tattoo. Visible only to your intimate partners, a tattoo here offers a layer of fat that will minimize pain, particularly away from the spine and hips.
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