5 Tattoo Aftercare Mistakes You Should Avoid

Tattoo master girl makes a tattoo on the arm

5 Tattoo Aftercare Mistakes You Should Avoid

You may not want to think about tattoo aftercare, especially when you are gearing up for some fresh killer ink. It does not matter if it is your 100th or first tattoo, once someone starts in on the ‘here’s how you take care of your tattoo’ talk, the excitement starts going and going quick. But there is something important you need to remember when it comes to your tattoo and why aftercare precautions are so important — it is the only way to be sure your tattoo heals correctly.

If you have never gotten a tattoo, go on YouTube and watch the procedure. You will start noticing that the artist will be wiping constantly between lines drawn. This is to remove extra ink as well as blood as they keep the area clean. Swelling is also present. Care is taken by the artist to point out that their tools, chair, and work area are safe and disinfected. Gloves are worn at all times by the artist. Sanitation is paramount to all surfaces. Even when the tattooing is finished, care is taken to make sure the tattoo is clean before being wrapped up. All of this is to say that from the very start, your artist is taking the time to make sure their work is fully, accurately, and well represented while also keeping you safe.

Here is the thing — tattoo aftercare really is not that difficult to do. In fact, it is actually pretty darn easy. The main thing you need to do is pay attention to your artist as they give you a rundown on all the DOs and DON’Ts. While there are plenty, here are five tattoo aftercare mistakes to avoid:

*not letting your tattoo breathe

*picking at the scabs

*tanning and exposure to sunlight

*excess moisture like swimming or taking a bath (showering is fine)

The reason tip #5 is on its own is because it is EVERYTHING. If there is one thing you need to do incredibly well, it is this — KEEP EVERYTHING CLEAN. Wash your hands before you do anything with your tattoo. Anytime something is coming in contact with your custom ink, be sure it is clean (technically, this should only be your fingers or hands, in which case, we’ll repeat, WASH YOUR HANDS). Don’t share ointment with others as that can be a perfect storm for germs to breed and spread.

Cleanliness becomes such a big deal because your tattoo is a wound. Not only are you trying to make sure your tattoo heals, but you are also trying to avoid infection and becoming ill. The last thing you want to do is become the coolest looking person in the hospital.

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