11 Intriguing Ideas for Austin Tattoos

Colorful Leafs tattoo on arm

11 Intriguing Ideas for Austin Tattoos

Austin inspires fierce loyalty. Whether you’ve lived here your entire life or just spent an awesome weekend soaking up its unique vibe, this Texas town leaves a mark on everyone who’s been here. There’s no better way to commemorate the impact the capital city has on your life than with a tattoo.
Interested? Read on for 11 intriguing ideas for Austin tattoos.

Bats: Austin’s famous flyers are an obvious choice for a tattoo. The millions of Mexican free-tailed bats who make their home most of the year under the Congress Avenue Bridge have inspired festivals, tours and myriad art pieces, including tattoos. Popular bat tattoos range from intricate scenes with thousands of bats to subtle inkings on an ankle or wrist.

Buildings: Downtown is home to a number of iconic buildings that make ideal Austin tattoos. The Frost Bank Tower, with its unique “crown” is one of the most distinctive skyscrapers in the country, but the Texas Capitol, with its red granite façade is another great choice. More than one UT Austin alum has chosen to have the university’s storied tower tattooed as a remembrance of their time at the Forty Acres.

Guitar: The Live Music Capital of the World didn’t come by that moniker by accident. A guitar tattoo is an ideal homage to that musical heritage and the impact it has on the soundtrack of your life.

Musicians: That musical heritage has also produced an array of musicians, from Janis Joplin to Willie Nelson and Stevie Ray Vaughan to Asleep at the Wheel. Whether you choose an intricate portrait or a line from a song, an Austin tattoo honors these famous Austin sons and daughters and the impact they’ve had on the American music scene.

Armadillo: Rarely spotted – except slightly flattened on the side of the road – armadillos are a consummate Texas creature. We’ve seen plenty of armadillo tats, including stylized, tribal, realistic and the roadkill variety.

Skyline: Although it’s ever changing, a tattoo of the Austin skyline captures this dynamic city in a particular moment of time – perfect for honoring yourself at a particular moment or milestone.

Murals: Austin’s diverse arts scene has produced dozens of murals around the city. Many of these expansive art pieces translate well into tattoos, including the colorful fun of the Capitol of Texas mural on South 1st Street, the iconic I love You So Much mural on South Congress and Jeremiah the Innocent, aka Hi How Are You, at 21st Street and Guadalupe.

Bluebonnets: Springtime in Texas wouldn’t be complete without bluebonnets and the Texas State Flower has always been a popular choice for Texas tattoos. Stylized, simple or splashed across an outline of Texas, these colorful flowers are a nod to Austin’s role as the state’s capitol.

Tacos: Austin’s love affair with tacos is an abiding dedication bordering on obsession – and for good reason. Pay tribute to your own taco cravings with a tattoo.

Texas star: Representing Texan pride like nothing else, a Texas star tattoo honors your allegiance to the Lone Star State. Star tattoos offer an unending opportunity for creativity and incorporating a star into your tattoo of Austin is an elegant way to acknowledge your love of Texas.

Longhorns: Not only are the majestic beasts a common site on the ranches around Austin, they also represent strength and toughness. With their colorful hides and dramatic horns, the animals are an awe-inspiring legacy of the state’s ranching days – and the mascot for Austin’s favorite college football team. Longhorn skull tattoos are a popular option, but so are depictions of live longhorns.

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Bluebonnets, one of many Austin Tattoos

One of the Austin tattoos created by Ian Farres at our Burnet Road location.