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Beat the Sunday Rush with our ‘Pair-cing’ Special!
Two piercings For Only
Only available on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday
Two piercings on one person – or – one piercing on two friends!
Print (or screenshot) this ad and bring it in to either location
*Excludes genital piercing and dermal anchors / Additional piercings are $25 each

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Give the gift of a lifetime and get a tattoo gift card from Platinum Ink
Get a Gift Card
If you are anything like us, you have friends and family who are just as enthusiastic about tattoos and piercings as you are. For the body art enthusiast in your life, we offer tattoo gift cards. Perfect for holidays, birthdays, or special events- what better way to celebrate than with Platinum Ink? We use only high-quality body jewelry and the best tattoo ink.
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