5 Bizarre Celebrity Tattoos and Their Backstories

a woman holding a piece of bacon in her hand.

5 Bizarre Celebrity Tattoos and Their Backstories

5 Bizarre Celebrity Tattoos and Their Backstories

  1. Johnny Depp’s “Wino Forever”


Johnny Depp violated a basic principle that says you should never get your significant other’s name tattooed on your body. While it might seem like a promising idea, you never really know who you’re going to end up with for good, or what innocent fight over who has to unload the dishwasher next will lead to a breakup. Depp had “Winona Forever” inked on his shoulder to commemorate his then-finance, Winona Ryder. When the two split, instead of removing the tattoo completely, he shortened it to “Wino Forever” to commemorate his real true love, cheap wine.

  1. Cara Delevingneacon

It happened… @bangbangnyc BACON…

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It’s hard not to love Cara Delevingne, simply because she’s so delightfully strange. Add to the list of her funny quirks: a tattoo of the text “BACON…” on her right foot. She loves to flaunt this bizarre ink on social media, and when asked why she chose to pay homage to the meat she said, “the tattoo was inspired by my love for bacon, obviously. I think of bacon every five seconds. It’s the meatiness. I love the salt. Bacon is love to me. Bacon will always love me back. It’s unconditional.” At least we know bacon will never dump her.

  1. Brad Pitt’s Random Back Doodles


Brad Pitt sports a series of random horizontal lines on his lower back, which apparently came as a result of now ex-wife Angelina Jolie’s boredom. The two were lounging around in Davos when the actress decided to doodle on his back. He then decided to get the random designs permanently tattooed; proving once and again that you really should make sure the relationship is going to last before paying homage to your wife via ink.

  1. Hayden Panettiere’s Italian Script


Hayden’s tattoo looks pretty legit in comparison to the other celebrity landmines we’ve seen thus far, but this Italian script for “to live without regrets” is ironically pretty regrettable, as it is misspelled. I want to give her shit for not spell checking her source, but I don’t speak Italian, and probably would never have known if it weren’t for the easily searchable wisdom of Google.

  1. Gucci Mane’s Ice Cream Cone

The Trap God????????

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It’s probably impossible to compile a list of weird celebrity tattoos without including Gucci Mane, who for some reason decided to get a tattoo of an ice cream cone with three scoops on the right side of his face in 2011, complete with the word “Brrr” written on the cone. Why did he get this, you might wonder? Apparently it’s because he lives his life “cool as ice… as in ‘I’m so icy, I’ll make ya say Brrr.” Alrighty then. Sounds like as good of a reason as any.