5 Interesting Statistics on People with Tattoos

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5 Interesting Statistics on People with Tattoos

5 Interesting Statistics on People with Tattoos

  1. Percentage of U.S. adults ages 18-25 who have at least one tattoo: 14%

Getting a tattoo in your younger years is often times a sign of rebellion, so it’s actually surprising that this number isn’t higher. We all have that one friend who decided to get a bird on her wrist or an infinity sign on her ankle the minute she turned 18, solely because she wanted everyone to know that she was the epitome of basic bitch. Of course, she put approximately zero thought into the idea, and now serves as a warning sign to all of her sorority sisters. Let’s just thank our lucky stars that getting a tattoo is a bit of a process; if tattoos cost significantly less and didn’t come with a decent amount of pain, the number of teens getting their significant other’s initials printed on their bodies would be ridiculously high.

  1. Percentage of U.S. adults ages 26-40 who have at least one tattoo: 40%

This statistic basically tells me that growing up, almost half of my parents’ friends had tattoos on their privates. But maybe I just didn’t look hard enough. That, or the people who gathered these numbers conveniently omitted American suburbia. I just can’t imagine that every time I come across a worn-down thirtysomething working retail, there’s almost a 50/50 chance they’re tatted.

  1. Percentage of people who regret a tattoo: 17%

Hating your own tattoo is essentially hating a chunk of your own flesh, and that shit would suck. I once had a roommate who liked the basic design of her tattoo, but hated its location. She bitched about her ink almost daily because she wanted it to be three inches to the left. By law you can’t get a tattoo if you’re drunk, so I can only conclude that she just wasn’t present enough when the artist stenciled it onto her body. But that’s nothing when you consider the masses of people who are rocking tattoos with spelling errors or misplaced apostrophes. Lucky for those walking crimes-against-grammar, if you’re walking around with a tattoo typo, you’re probably too stupid to even comprehend how much you should regret your life choices.

  1. Percentage of people who have covered up a tattoo with another tattoo: 5%

Tattoo cover-ups are the aesthetic equivalent a swift divorce: it’s sounds cringe-worthy to people who aren’t directly involved, but the lucky son of a bitch who is blessed enough to afford it will only tell you how happy the decision made him. A good cover up is nothing but a blessing, and the artists who perform such procedures are a gift from God. If you’re ever stressed or feeling antsy, just browse a slideshow of successful cover-ups while repeatedly telling yourself “Ahhh” and feeling your discomfort basically evaporate.

  1. Percentage of people who claim they are “addicted” to ink: 32%

“Addicted” is an ugly word, mostly because it’s associated with heroin and carbs. You can be addicted to good things, like exercising, or reminding your boyfriend that you’re the best thing that will ever happen to him. So I don’t have a problem with this statistic—all it tells me is that beautiful people with beautiful body art will continue to transform themselves into walking, talking art canvases. You should thank them for such a selfless hobby that allows you to see more art in an otherwise ugly world.