5 Key Elements Of Tattoo Prices

5 Key Elements Of Tattoo Prices

5 Key Elements Of Tattoo Prices

If you’re a fan of body art, you’re no doubt attracted to really great tattooing. But for all of the content one can find about great tattoos online and inside studios, one particular detail seems to be a little vague — tattoo prices. The average consumer might be taken aback by the lack of pricing info readily available.

The issue is that tattooing has a wide breadth of range, styles, specialties, and fluidity that simply are not a part of most other consumer goods. Many factors can impact the overall cost of a tattoo. If you are not convinced, find two people with similar work and ask them what they paid for the work. You are almost guaranteed to get two different answers.

So, if you or someone you know is thinking about getting inked up sometime soon, here are a few pivotal factors that determine tattoo prices:

Artist Experience — It is no secret that total noobs to the tattooing world would not be able to charge an arm and a leg to ink up your, well, arm and/or leg. They are still trying to master basic techniques and complete apprenticeships. Even if they are past this initial stage, they have not put in the YEARS that come with tattooing at a professional level even if they are good at their job. Always remember that you get what you pay for when it comes to quality.

Customization — Whether it is guitars, cars or houses, anytime you choose something unique it will be a bit more than something off the rack. The same is true for tattoos. As the design gets more intricate and calls for more attention, the price goes up. Still, your piece will be one-of-a-kind.

Location (Studio) — If you live in a major metropolitan area, living that big city life, then you know the ‘big city’ tax that comes with it. Tattoos also carry a premium when you venture into major markets simply because artists and studios can charge more.

Location (Artwork) — And when it comes to where on your body you want a tattoo, the price can go up if you choose somewhere prone to pain, contact with other tissues, or intimate areas.

Time — The old adage certainly holds up for artists who have to spend hours on a tattoo, if not multiple hours-long sessions: Time is money. Since your work is essentially keeping them from other sessions, you will need to make sure your artist is fairly compensated.

Do not forget that similar to a number of other goods, the cost of supplies is also impacting tattoo prices. That is why it pays to get to know your artist and find a studio that caters to any and all price points. Platinum Ink is a source for amazing value in tattoo prices in Austin without compromising quality. They have two locations and have proudly served central Texas for two decades. Click here to get a quote on what you body art will cost.