5 Things You Should Definitely Not Do While Getting a Tattoo

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5 Things You Should Definitely Not Do While Getting a Tattoo

5 Things You Should Definitely Not Do While Getting a Tattoo

  1. Bring Ten of Your Closest Friends

Your friends are probably real top-of-the-line people, but if you bring an entire entourage to your appointment, you’re just going to end up inconveniencing your artist. Tattoos take time, and during that time your friends are likely to be poking their heads where they don’t belong, getting in the way of the employees, and being a general pain in the ass. Even if they are well-behaved, a crowd is distracting. Bring one friend if you must, but leave the rest at home.

  1. Try to Help

You don’t need to be touching your artist or his tools. While it may seem to you like the polite thing to do, they’re perfectly capable of completing the process without your help. Besides that, there’s a set of standards and guidelines that you probably aren’t aware of. Just sit still and allow your tattooist to do their thing.

  1. Be Late

If you’ve made an appointment, you need to stick to it. Take off work, call a babysitter, or do whatever it is you need to do to be there on time. Tattoo parlors and their employees have schedules just like every other profession—it’s unacceptable to waste their time. It may seem like a lax environment, but they have more to do than just your ink. It’s just common courtesy to commit yourself to the appointment you booked.

  1. Be a Generally Gross Human Being

If you know you’re going to pay someone to be up close and personal with your body, for the love of God, take a shower.

  1. Be Indecisive or Altogether Unsure of What You Want.

It’s okay to let your artist use their creative minds to help come up with something you absolutely love. It’s not okay to just get a tattoo because you want a tattoo, without expending any mental energy on what design you want. You can’t expect for an artist to be okay with winging it or coming up with something when you give them nothing to work off of. Not to mention, tattoos last a long time. You should give your body art some thought before signing up for a lifetime together.