5 Ways To Find Unique Tattoos

5 ways to find unique tattoos

5 Ways To Find Unique Tattoos

Have you ever seen someone with unique tattoos & thought to yourself, ‘Wow, that’s so cool! I wonder how they came up with that design?’ It’s likely that the person in question perused a few hundred (if not thousand) tattoo pictures to find something they really connected with. Why get something in a halfhearted way, especially if it’s going to last forever?

That said, is it possible to find unique tattoo pictures & design ideas? There’s a lot of folks out there with tattoos, so the likelihood of finding something that’s completely unique is a big task. Where to even start looking? Consider the following:

Industry Websites — As with all things today, your search begins on the interwebs. There are a ton of tattoo & body art websites that cater to all kinds of interests. Some sites are little on the risqué side, but they do offer design ideas you can’t find anywhere else.

Social Media — Once you get past the superficial content that makes up most of social media use, you may be surprised to know that a strong social media presence is what has made the best artists & studios really stand out among their competition. It’s the new ‘word-of-mouth’ advertising.

Augmented Reality — 2D pics are OK, but they don’t give you a sense of what a design will look like on your body. However, with augmented reality (AR) apps, you can actually see what something will look like on any part of your body. Plus, you can try shift parameters of the “tattoo” so you can see what color, size, placement, and technique would (or wouldn’t) work best.

Magazines — It may be old-school, but tattoo magazines are still around, and they still inspire scores of people.

Finally, if you want truly UNIQUE tattoo pictures, draw them yourself. Sure, you may not be an artist, but you have a good idea of what you want in a design. Your rudimentary sketch can be the basis of a great consultation with an actual artist who can bring your idea to life.

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