6 Tattoo World Records You Didn’t Know Existed

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6 Tattoo World Records You Didn’t Know Existed

1. Longest Tattoo Session
The world’s longest tattoo session goes to Alessandro Bonacorsi for completing 28 tattoos over a span of 57 hours, 25 minutes, and 30 seconds. Alessandro has set this record four times, and keeps coming back to beat it every time someone else surpasses it. This particular time around, the event raised money for a children’s charity.

2. Most Tattoos in 12 Hours
The winner of this team effort title also goes to Alessandro’s tattoo salon. A team of 12 artists completed 836 tattoos in half a day back in October of 2013. That’s about 70 tattoos per artist—not a bad day’s work.

3. Most People Tattooed Simultaneously
Tattoo Jam 2010 in Doncaster, UK, saw the most people tattooed at one time. There were supposed to be 300 artists, but only 223 were verified to be tattooing during the convention. Turns out, this was all they needed to shatter the record.

4. Most Tattoos of the Same Name
Mark Evans took this title in January of 2017, after having the name “Lucy” tattooed on his back 267 times. This was to celebrate the birth of his daughter, named Karen (just kidding). This attempt was also intended to raise money for the hospital that had recently assisted his daughter amidst her health problems.

5. Most Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces Tattooed
Paul Lawrence, a.k.a. the Enigma, has an astonishing 2,123 jigsaw puzzle pieces tattooed on his body. The Enigma is a performer, actor, and musician who has undergone several body modifications since 1992. He also has a signature face he likes to make when fans approach him for a photo op.

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6. Oldest Person to Receive Their First Tattoo
Jack Reynolds from Chesterfield, UK, got his first tattoo right after his 104th birthday. Jack was also the oldest person to do the Ice Bucket challenge at 102 years old, but we’re assuming this record took a bit more nerve.