7 Great Sources for Tattoo Pictures

7 Great Sources for Tattoo Pictures

Which came first the desire for a tattoo or the inspiration for the tattoo? If it is the former, you may find yourself looking for great tattoo pictures.
Many of our clients walk in the door knowing exactly what they want. They have found their inspiration, had an artistic friend sketch it out and are ready to get poked.
On the other hand, some clients know they want a tattoo, they are just not sure exactly which tattoo. For those clients, great tattoo pictures can be an inspiration and a jumping off point for their own tattoo.

Great tattoo pictures can be found on Instagram
We turn to Instagram for travel inspiration, dinner ideas and to check in on our friends, why not great tattoo pictures?
There are thousands of great tattoo artists around the world showing off their latest creations on Instagram and the social media’s hashtags make it easy to find them. #tattoo #tattooideas #tattoos #tattooartist #tattooart #tattoodesign #tattoolove and #tattooink are just a few of the dozens of hashtags that represent millions of posts. When you find something that inspires you, screenshot it. While most tattoo artists will not copy another artist’s work, they can use it to see the style and topic that you prefer.
Tattoo hashtags are not the only place to look for great tattoo pictures on Instagram. The social media platform’s photo-driven content means that you can be inspired by just about anything, including people, places, animals and much more. Start by looking for what you love, whether that’s #tiger #Denverbroncos or #gameofthrones and let yourself be inspired by what you find.

Just Google it
Instagram is not the only place online to find great tattoo pictures. Google, that never-ending source of, well, everything, is also a great destination when looking for interesting images.
While Google may present you exactly the encouragement you need for your next tattoo, it will also lead to a plethora of blogs and articles that offer tattoo trends and ideas.
Speaking of images, do not forget you can also use the image search function to find pictures that can serve as the inspiration for the things that matter to you.
Look to the arts for great tattoo images
From Neolithic cave paintings to modern graffiti artists, the visual arts are a great source of creativity for those looking for tattoo ideas. Art books, museums and, of course, the internet are great places to peruse if you are looking to find the spark of an idea for a tattoo.
Don’t stop at the visual arts, however. Your tattoo inspiration can come from anywhere — a play, a movie or a song as well as a book, a photograph or a favorite quotation. You can also be inspired by family, friends, a favorite pet or a favorite place.
If you are ready for your first tattoo or your next tattoo, stop in at Platinum Ink and we will help you create the perfect ink design for you.

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