7 Ways to Prepare for Your Tattoo to Ensure You Have No Ragrets


7 Ways to Prepare for Your Tattoo to Ensure You Have No Ragrets

7 Ways to Prepare for Your Tattoo to Ensure You Have No Ragrets



  1. Think about your ink.

Give yourself time to think about the tattoo you want. It’s going to be with you for a long time, usually forever, so make sure you’re happy with your decision before visiting the parlor. Unplanned and impulsive tattoos aren’t exactly the smartest decision you’ll ever make, and you’ll feel stupid if you decide you don’t like the design later on.


  1. Ask all of the questions.

Make sure you consult with the artist and get all the information you need. Ask about cost, duration, timing, and other session details. They have all the answers and won’t mind taking time to explain the process to you.


  1. Check your funds.

Make sure you have enough to cover the cost of the tattoo, plus tip, plus any drinks or snacks you might want while getting inked. You also need to make sure you have your ID, driver’s license, or passport.


  1. Go in feeling energetic and comfortable.

Make sure you’re well fed and hydrated. Try to avoid aspirin or blood thinners that will make the process worse.  Don’t guzzle energy drinks that will make it difficult to sit still and advise your tattooist of any conditions you may have which could affect the process.  Wear comfortable clothing that gives easy access to the body part getting tattooed.


  1. Bring artwork or reference material.

If you have a very specific idea of what you want, bring visual references. Feel free to be specific while explaining what you want. The more you can help the artist create your artwork, the better.


  1. Don’t come drunk (duh).

It goes without saying, but getting hammered and spontaneously deciding you want to get a tattoo doesn’t fly. It’s actually illegal to tattoo people under the influence, and even the smell of beer can get you turned away. Thinned blood makes the process more painful anyway, so wait until later to hit the booze.


  1. Be polite with your tattoo artist.

The process goes much smoother when the tattooist and client get along well. Be respectful and honest throughout the procedure—don’t be afraid to express concern or fear if you’re new to the process. Ask for a break if you need one, and do your best to stay still. Keep a direct line of communication with the artist and the session should go smoothly.