Nearly every question ever asked about Ear Piercing

Guide to Ear Piercings

Nearly every question ever asked about Ear Piercing

Ear piercing continues to be the most popular location for piercing in Austin and around the country. Read on for the answers to nearly every question asked about ear piercing.

Do I need an appointment? Nope. Piercing is done on a walk-in basis at both of our Austin piercing locations, 5128 Burnet Road and 1515 S. IH 35. When you are ready, we will be here.

How many can I get? That is entirely up to you. If your piercer can find room on your ear, you can always get another ear piercing. And do not worry, our piercers are great at finding room.

Where should I get it? That is also up you and your piercer. The human ear provides a wide array of piercing options, and your ear lobe is just the beginning. Keep in mind that there are an infinite variety of ears and not every piercing will work for everyone. Your piercer is the best judge of whether a particular ear piercing will work for you.
• Lobe: This one is pretty self-explanatory. Lobe piercings are among the least painful of all piercings, due to the lack of cartilage in this part of the ear. Lobe piercings can also be stretched and then adorned with rings or disks.
• Helix piercing: The curved upper part of the ear is another popular option for ear piercing. This area of cartilage varies from person to person, so consult with your piercer for the best option for you.
• Conch: This piercing goes through either the inner or outer portion of the ear and provides a number of options for placement. Inner conch piercings are typically worn with a stud and outer conch piercings utilize a hoop.
• Snug: These popular piercings go through the inner ridge of cartilage and are usually worn with a barbell style earring, although hoops are another option.
• Rook: This fold of cartilage in the upper ear is another option for a piercing.
• Industrial: Ready for a really cool look? Industrial piercings are two piercings linked by one piece of jewelry.
• Tragus: This piercing goes through the flap of cartilage found just in front of the ear canal.
• Anti-tragus: Just opposite the tragus is the anti-tragus, although this flap may not be present on everyone.
• Daith: The latest hotspot for ear piercing is a daith piercing, which is through the inner most curl of cartilage, just above the ear canal.

What do I need to do after the piercing? Keeping your piercing clean is the most important part. Your piercer will give you detailed instructions, but they will always start with washing you hands before handling your piercing. You’ll want to use a sterile saline wash at least once per day and make sure to air dry the piercing as cloth towels can snag on jewelry.

Where should I get it done? With us. And that’s not just because we’re biased. Whether you want a traditional ear lobe piercing or a series of cartilage piercings, the best place to get pierced is with someone who does a lot of piercings – not with someone who sells hair accessories in the mall.

How old do I need to be? That depends. If you are under 18 you will need to bring your parent or guardian with you. They’ll need to have their ID and your ID and birth certificate.

How much does it cost? Most ear piercings are $29 each. Looking to save on your ear piercing? We have a regular Sunday special, which will make the price $19.

When are you open? Both of our Austin piercing shops have the same hours. We’re open from noon to 10 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. We’re closed on Mondays.

What if I have more questions? Give us a call at 737-234-5444 and we’ll get them answered.

Ready to get pierced? Come on in and see us six days a week.