Meet Your New Least Favorite Person, a Justin Bieber Impersonator With Identical Tattoos

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Meet Your New Least Favorite Person, a Justin Bieber Impersonator With Identical Tattoos

In this world, there are countless career paths to choose from. You can be a firefighter, or an accountant, or the girl who makes sex noises to appear in the background of rap songs. All you have to do is find your niche and go with it. But of all the opportunities out there, choosing to be a full-time Justin Bieber impersonator is probably the weirdest way to go.

20-something Jordan Taylor spends his days striving to be J Biebs 2.0 by pimping himself out for meet and greets, wandering into the public eye for attention, and worshipping a Justin Bieber idol in the corner of his bedroom (probably). Just your average celebrity impersonator, right? Maybe not. Taylor has gone the extra mile and become the first impersonator to get the exact tattoos, in the exact same locations, as Bieber.

For a comparison, here’s the Canadian wonder Justin Bieber:

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And here’s Taylor:

Let me just be the first to say that I have never been this dedicated to anything in my life. If your immediate reaction was a combination of cringe and rage, you’re not alone. I can’t speak for Justin, who actually follows Taylor on twitter, has met him before, and might think the whole thing is funny. But I’d be pissed. I get annoyed if a friend shows up wearing the same outfit as me; if that “outfit” was my skin, I’d probably throw a massive bitch fit.

Not to mention, what ever happened to artistic integrity? Tattoos are meant to symbolize your views, experiences, and values—why would you dedicate every piece of ink on your skin to someone else’s ideas? It just seems like a very costly, never-ending game of “anything you can do, I can do slightly worse but still good enough to garner the attention of 13-year-old girls everywhere.” Is this the world’s most elaborate prank, or just a giant rip-off?

I guess you can decide for yourself. In Taylor’s eyes, this is just a quick way to rack up some fame and cash. He says “the Bieber thing” is his life, and that he has always wanted to be famous. Get in line, bud.