Oops, Ed Sheeran’s New Tattoo Is Spelled Very Wrong

Tattooed man standing, displaying body art.

Oops, Ed Sheeran’s New Tattoo Is Spelled Very Wrong

Oops, Ed Sheeran’s New Tattoo Is Spelled Very Wrong

Ed Sheeran is famous for two things: being the kind of guy who any woman’s parents would love for her to bring home, and have some seriously sick ink. And singing, I guess. Ed has over sixty tattoos that cover his arms and chest, all of which are proudly displayed in his new music video for “Shape of You.”


And now he has a new addition to his ink, which is unfortunately spelled very, very wrong.

The video for Sheeran’s new folk/pop song “Galway Girl” will include his close friend, actress Saoirse Ronan (think Brooklyn, The Host, and Hanna). While filming, Ed wanted to get a tattoo of the song’s title in Ronan’s handwriting. This sentiment is actually pretty sweet, and it makes sense when you consider the fact that she grew up in Ireland, and Galway is an Irish town in which the music video was shot.

The Oscar-nominated star ended up writing “Galway Grill” on Ed’s arm, which is so incorrect that it physically hurts those who are familiar with Sheeran’s music. When the mistake first hit the internet, everyone decided that Saoirse either A) can’t spell for shit, B) cracks under pressure, or C) hates Ed’s guts and wants to publicly shame him.

As it turns out, Ed is a giant liar. He apparently decided it would be funny if she wrote something other than the song’s accurate title, solely to troll all of his fans. They eventually decided on replacing “girl” with “grill,” presumably because of their undying love for hot dogs and hamburgers and other yummy things one might grill in Galway.

Even if this was intentional, this is just another incident proving that people should really leave tattooing to the pros. The only silver lining is that Ed is so decked out with other colorful tattoos that this mistake will probably go largely unnoticed. Nevertheless, I full heartedly believe that if there are two words that should never be used in the same sentence, it’s “tattoo” and “prank.”