Oops: Man Gets Tattoo in Solidarity With Dog, Declares Himself Neutered

Oops: Man Gets Tattoo in Solidarity With Dog, Declares Himself Neutered

The connection you have with your dog is really an amazing thing. It transcends that of a regular friendship, because you two are mutually dependent: your dog relies on you to feed and care for it, while you require a constant stream of affection so that you can tell yourself that there’s someone on this planet who gives a shit about you.

A guy named Chris loved his dog, Bear, so much that he was horrified to see that his previous owners had given him a tattoo on his belly. This passion led Chris to get the same symbol tattooed onto his bicep, out of solidarity. Turns out, that symbol served as a visual reminder that the dog was neutered. Whoops.

The holier-than-thou Facebook post quickly blew up with all of Chris’ friends, and of course, eventually made its way to Reddit. Because even though Chris had good intentions, this is a very unfortunate event, and such stupidity has to be mocked. I mean, how can you not connect the dots and see that the tattoo is the symbol for “male” with the balls crossed out?

In the end, Chris claimed he did his research and knew exactly what the tattoo meant. Which, coincidentally, is exactly what a guy who accidentally declared himself sterile would do. He also told Gizmodo that he’s considering getting a tattoo of his dog’s paw print to cover it up, which tells me that he had absolutely no idea what the symbol meant prior to his maiming. Now, all he has to do is get a vasectomy to give his ink a truly personal meaning.

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