Seven Surprising Places To Find Tattoo Pictures

Skull tattoo on chest

Seven Surprising Places To Find Tattoo Pictures

Tattoos, they’re stylish, an expression of personality, great momentos, and much much more. Many look to get a tattoo for this reason. Unfortunately, almost everyone struggles to find a design they love. To help, here’s seven surprising places to find tattoo pictures.

Movies. The great thing about tattoos is that they’re totally personal. Whatever meaning they hold is up to the one getting it. A favorite movie makes for great inspiration because of this. Think about a beloved character, or maybe an impactful scene. These can be a fun and meaningful source of great tattoo ideas.

Video Games. These days most people have a favorite game or game character. The rise in popularity has made video games more and more common in people’s lives. Like with movies, this medium can provide unique and interesting tattoo ideas.   

Use different search terms. Scrolling through page after page of tattoo pictures is all too common when looking for inspiration. You think to yourself that it has to be on this next page, yet it almost never is. A great way to separate from the tattoo framework a little bit is to remove the word ‘tattoo’ from your search term altogether. This allows more designs to present themselves, and gives your tattoo artist a bit more creative freedom in the end product. 

Reddit. When most think of Reddit, pictures of cats or niche conversation forms probably come to mind. The website however hosts a plethora of interesting and detailed communities wanting to share their passions. One of these is /r/tattoos. This subreddit features tattoo enthusiasts from around the world posting pictures of their newly collected body art. Some even share the circumstances and artist the tattoo was from.

INKHUNTER. A challenging aspect of finding tattoo pictures you like is visualizing what the design will look like on your body. Temporary tattoos are an option, but they take at minimum a few days to completely fade. This renders them almost useless for rapidly switching out designs. 

This is where INKHUNTER can help. The mobile app uses augmented reality technology to digitally superimpose a tattoo on your desired bodily area. The best part? This is a full 3D design that moves with you in real time. If you don’t like how a part looks, just tweak it in the app and look again. 

Create your own design. Looking for that perfect design online but having no luck? This can be a frustrating and time consuming venture. For those that love to do things themselves, there’s another way: make it yourself. If you have any sketching ability at all, then this can be a great option.

Even if you’re not steady with your hand, there are a myriad of free photo editing websites and applications that allow easy design creation through dragging and dropping images and shapes. 

Mythological figures. Stories of gods and mythological creatures have excited the imaginations of people for generations. This creativity is perfect for anyone looking for unique tattoo pictures.

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