Popular Places to Get a Body Piercing in Austin

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Popular Places to Get a Body Piercing in Austin

Ready to get a piercing in Austin? The human anatomy provides an array of locations. Whether you are contemplating having your ear lobes pierced or are ready to explore the latest options for an intimate piercing, body art presents an endless opportunity to decorate your body.

The ear’s enduring popularity as a piercing location shows no sign of waning, but the possibilities have expanded dramatically from tiny diamond studs in your ear lobe. That is still a possibility, of course, but why stop there?

Your ears are incredibly complicated and there is a wide array of piercings possible. Just a few of our favorites: The Helix, which is through the upper ear cartilage; Snug, through the inner ridge; Rook, the upper most ridge; the Tragus, which is a piercing through the small area of cartilage in front of your ear canal; and an Anti-tragus, which is through the cartilage just above the ear lobe.

Want an ear piercing that is a bit more complicated? An industrial piercing is two piercings joined by a single bar. You can also stretch an existing lobe or cartilage piercing.
Where to get your nose pierced in Austin

After the ear, the nose is perhaps the next most popular piercing location. Most nose piercings involve the nostril, but there are other options. A septum piercing goes through the tissue between the nostrils and a bridge piercing is, just as it sounds, through the bridge of the nose.

Lips are also a popular piercing spot and can be placed in either the lower lip or the upper. Off center is more popular, but many choose the center of the lower lip.

Eyebrows are also a popular location for a piercing. Alternatively, an anti-brow piercing is high up on the cheek bone.

The belly button continues to be a popular piercing spot, especially for women. An array of body jewelry options for navel piercings are available and you can choose to pierce the upper part of your belly button or the lower.

Tongue piercing has been popular for many years; options have expanded considerably. You’ll discover a number of variations for jewelry for your tongue piercing, which can be subtle or more dramatic.

Austin nipple piercing options for all genders

All genders frequently opt for a nipple piercing, although the healing time can be longer than for some other piercings. Nipple piercing jewelry options include hoops, barbells and curved barbells.

Female, male and intersex genitalia offer an array of piercing options that are only limited by your imagination. A professional piercer can help you determine which piercing style makes the most sense for your anatomy.

Still can’t decide where to get your next piercing? A dermal anchor can be placed just about anywhere. This style of body art is a piercing through the skin. The jewelry includes an anchor that sits just below the skin and holds the jewelry in place.

Ready to get a piercing in Austin? Book a session with the body art specialists at Platinum Ink today. With more than 17 years of experience, our piercing team will answer any questions you may have and make your piercing experience calm and comfortable.
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