You Have to See How This Tattoo Artist Proposed to His Girlfriend

You Have to See How This Tattoo Artist Proposed to His Girlfriend

It seems as though sweet proposal videos are a dime a dozen these days. There’s always a new viral video depicting a semi-original, tearful engagement that makes you say “aww” and think “eww.” Because even though you’d like to feel happy for the couple, this trend is super corny and provokes more eye-rolling than joy.

Leave it to a tattoo artist to come up with a proposal that’s actually worth reporting. A Facebook video has grossed more than 12 million views since being posted last month, and for good reason; it’s the proposal of every tattoo lover’s dream.

Denver tattoo artist Vinny Capaldo-Smith has been asking his girlfriend, Brooke, to give him a tattoo for ages. He finally sprung it on her on June 20th, and told her that it was the day. She was about to go to work on Vinny’s ankle when she spotted a brand new tattoo on his thigh: a stick figure couple with “Will you marry me?” drawn out, complete with a “yes” and “no” box to check.

This red X was Brooke’s first time ever tattooing! Haha luckily she checked yes (tattoo on me, not by me) #engaged

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See the video below:

That build up. The reveal. The ring. The tears. It’s all too good, and in my humble opinion, it blows every other corny proposal out of the water. That better be his new favorite tattoo. And I highly doubt she’ll ever tattoo a more meaningful or moving piece, even if it was just a tiny “x.”

Congrats to the happy couple, and bless their hearts for finally gracing us with a proposal worth watching.

Brooke took this when we were heading to Idaho springs yesterday. What a babe #queenb #dayoff #rideordie

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