Talented Tattoo Artists Can Bring New Life To An Old Tattoo

Talented Tattoo Artists Can Bring New Life To An Old Tattoo

Talented Tattoo Artists Can Bring New Life To An Old Tattoo

Do you have an old tattoo you would like to see brought back to life? Tattoo artists can help.

Perhaps your ink has lost its luster over time or it is something that meant something at the time but no longer resonates. No matter what the reason, if you want to add new life to an old tattoo, there are several options, especially if you are in the hands — and under the tattoo gun – of a talented tattoo artist.

The Austin tattoo artists at Platinum Ink regularly revitalize, expand and – if need be – cover up older tattoos to create a new inked art piece that you will love for years to come.

Austin tattoo artists have options to revitalize your tattoos

One of the easiest ways to revitalize an older tattoo that has faded with time is to add new ink. Brighter colors and a darker black will reduce the appearance of fading, giving an old tattoo a fresh, vibrant appearance. This option may not work for a tattoo that is severely faded. Determining the best option to freshen up a faded tattoo is something that is best done with your tattoo artist, who can inspect the tattoo in person and recommend the best course of action.

Perhaps you still like the look of your old tattoo but want something to go with it. The options for expanding your tattoo are endless and range from the simple to the intricate. Add a wave to go with the dolphin you got in Hawaii. Add additional snowflakes to the tattoo you got in Lake Tahoe. Create a jungle to go with the tiger you got when you were a student at LSU. Perhaps a dragon to compliment the castle on your shoulder. Limited only by your imagination – and your budget – expanding an existing tattoo presents an intriguing idea for updating an existing tattoo.
Covering up an old tattoo is another option for tattoo artists

On the other hand, you may have an older tattoo that just does not suit you anymore. It could be an icon that no longer resonates, a text tattoo that has lost its relevance or – it happens – a name that you no longer want to be reminded of. Other reasons for covering up an old tattoo include the lack of skill of the original tattoo artist or a tattoo that is faded beyond recognition. No matter what the reason, if you want to cover up an old tattoo and transform it into something new, your best option is to book a consultation with a skilled tattoo artist who can inspect your ink and work with you to develop a design for a new tattoo you will love.

Intrigued with the options for your old tattoo? Schedule a consultation with the tattoo artists at Platinum Ink to learn more about the possibilities. We have two convenient locations, one in north Austin and one in South Austin. Call (737) 234-5444 for either location.