Ideas For Tattoos For Men

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Ideas For Tattoos For Men

It is often said that guys are pretty easy to peg down when it comes to their tastes. When it comes to tattoos for men, however, things get surprisingly tough to flesh out (pun kinda not intended…lol).

High on the list of most guys’ takes on tattoos is whether or not their new ink will look cool enough to both them AND everyone else, a tall order to be sure. What’s more, even though we’re nearly a quarter of the way into the 21st century, antiquated ideas of masculinity are still intertwined in the donning of tattoos. As such, ‘bro’ mentalities are still quite prevalent.

It is important to mention all of this stuff simply because headway is being made into making tattooing more inclusive, as well as more thoughtful. What’s more, tattoos for men are trending beyond the tired tropes of what should have long been a bygone era of manhood into something more thoughtful and intriguing. As it turns out, tattoos for men are coming full circle into being the art they were always meant to be.

Modern tattoo artists are certainly taking aim at elevating their craft to new heights every single day. Though they recognize they stand on the shoulders of giants and owe their place to some amazing pioneers in the industry, modern artists are constantly pushing boundaries to explore tattooing in new ways. Some of the more unique styles that have emerged from this exploration include:

Geometric Variation and Exercises in Tessellations

Tribal Patterns

Exploration of Fantasy Scapes

Reimagining of Traditional Flash Iconography


Of course, as with most artistic work, there is always a need to create something new, exotic, and daring. This has led to tattooing in styles that use watercolor and the development of the “Trash Polka” style.

But a discussion of tattoos for men cannot be complete without talking about some of the older styles of work that still find themselves quite popular with men. Maritime tattoos, custom ink connected with family heritage, and portraits of loved ones still rank pretty high as go-to tattoos for men looking to get inked up with something that’s got a little more meaning.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the most important idea for tattoos for men — meaning. This is where a reputable tattoo studio like Platinum Ink in Austin works its magic. Even if you’re not sure which direction you want to go in, the amazing artists here at Platinum Ink can work with you to help craft a tattoo design filled with meaning that will stand the test of time. Come see us at either of our two locations today!

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