The Best Place To Find Tattoo Pictures

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The Best Place To Find Tattoo Pictures

It would seem like a slam dunk kind of question, right — where do you find the best tattoo pictures? In all likelihood, it would be a matter of just going to your favorite picture emporium, so to speak, searching a little, and done. But did you actually find the best place for the best pictures? The operative word in all of this is ‘best’. While it may be a little reductive to the point of insulting, there is something to be said about what it means to find the ‘best’ off something.

Tattoo pictures are no different.

If you’re of a certain age, you’re very aware of and acquainted with the large “portfolio” at the front desk. As fancy as this sounds, it was nothing more than a tattered three-ring binder with Polaroids of previous clients. Lighting was terrible, usually under the fluorescent bulbs in the studio. There was no time taken to get actual shots of detail other than what could be captured by the camera, whose technology dated back to the late 1940s. Worst of all, most of the pictures had been there for years, which meant the quality had deteriorated over time.

Needless to say, a better way was needed to get new clients interested and excited about their new tattoo. Some studios opted to stay parlors, stuck in the old ways and refusing to see the worth of what a changing world could mean for their business. Others chose to go the route of the tattoo studio, opting for modernization. They wanted to bring more clients in and have them feel welcome when they walked in the door. They also wanted them to have a way to find some great tattoo pictures as inspiration for their next custom ink.

Modern tattoo studios have taken to doing the following:

Social Media — The curation of social media pages is an integral part of any tattoo studio’s success. No matter the platform, trying to reach the right audience with the right content is key to letting folks know that body art is legit.

Internet — Curating social media pages and a great studio website really means one thing — making sure one’s online footprint is solid. Getting online can result in going down any number of rabbit holes. Working on great marketing and advertising, the likes of which includes amazing tattoo pictures, is a vital part of making sure folks find their way to a specific place.

Of course, there are other methods by which the best tattoo pictures can be found — checking out other people’s own social media and online footprint. Everyday, we share more about ourselves online than ever before. While there is a negative side to all of this sharing, one pro is that for the curious, finding info about tattoos, piercings, and other general interests need only do some basic research before finding some pretty righteous artwork. However, there is a word of caution in all of this online perusing for awesome custom ink pics — be sure you’re actually looking at real artwork. It’s no secret that there are thousands of apps out there that allow users to add filters to pictures. Sometimes, these filters tweak an imperfection or two. Other times, you get a completely different person looking back at you. Tattoos and other forms of body art are not impervious to being imposed onto photos for the sake of looking cool, tough, hot, and sexy. However, for the person hoping to get inspiration for an actual tattoo design, it really mucks things up.

If you really want the best source for tattoo pictures, you might do yourself a lot of favors by simply walking in and talking with the artists at your local studio. Not only are they apt to have great pics available of their work, but they will be able to answer any questions you may have about the process (unless they’re working, of course). Modern tattoo artists appreciate clients who appreciate the craft. By doing a little homework and being open to a friendly chat, you’ll not only get some great info, but you’ll also lay the groundwork for what could be a great working relationship for years to come.

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