What I Learned From Researching The Best Tattoos Near Me

Tattoo on full Back

What I Learned From Researching The Best Tattoos Near Me

When someone is thinking about getting a tattoo, it’s a good bet that they probably aren’t too worried about finding ‘the best tattoo’ or ‘cool tattoos’ near me”. Actually thinking about the process is kind of a buzzkill on the whole body art thing. For a lot of people, tattooing is all about inspiration, spontaneity, and becoming one with the needle.

There certainly is a lot of truth and power in this mindset. The issue is that if someone is only working off of heady affirmations under the pursuit of a deeper connection, they’re forgetting to make sure they don’t get a janky tattoo for their troubles.

If you’ve been around enough people with a tattoo, you’ve likely heard at least one nightmare story about a bad tattoo experience. Perhaps the most frequent presence in these anecdotes is the backyard tattooist. You know, the person/guy in the proverbial ‘there’s a guy I know who knows a guy who can get a tattoo machine’ stories? THIS is the exact reason why a tattoo shouldn’t be left to chance — you don’t want to become another story!

Top tattoo industry professionals will tell you that to find the best tattoos near you, you’ve got to understand the following:

Investment — You need to know that paying for a quality tattoo means investing in a good studio and artist. This doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. As such, don’t got with the cheapest price because you’ll end up with the CHEAPEST tattoo (read between the lines).

Finding the RIGHT Studio — There was a time when knowing what tattoo studios had the best work coming out of them came from word of mouth. While still true to some extent, you’ve got the internet at your disposal. Online reviews and testimonials, not to mention social media platforms, will be your best friend in your search.

The Artist — Today’s tattoo artists share their artwork in a variety of ways, including social media. Finding one who has a vision similar to yours is much easier now than ever.

If there was ever ONE MAJOR TAKEAWAY about getting the best tattoo possible, it is to adhere to aftercare at all costs. Pay attention to your artist and be mindful of your actions. The artist wants their work to shine on you. But more importantly, your artist holds your health and physical well-being as a priority. Ask questions and understand the aftercare routine you’ll follow before you even get inked up.

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