The best Texas souvenirs include getting a tattoo in Austin

Feather tattoo on biceps

The best Texas souvenirs include getting a tattoo in Austin

As wanderlust kicks into high gear, Texas and its irresistible capitol city are high on travel bucket lists for visitors from around the country – and the world. When they get here, they will be wondering what to take home with them. Read on for our suggestions for the best Lone Star State souvenirs, including getting a tattoo in Austin.

Boots: From a $20 thrift store find to a $2,000 pair of customized Lucchese handmade boots, cowboy boots are one of the most popular Texas souvenirs. Take home a pair for your feet or get a pair tattooed on your calf.

Tattoo: Getting a tattoo in Austin creates a permanent souvenir and reminder of your time in the Capitol City. Options for Texas tattoos abound, ranging from local flora and fauna, like bluebonnets and bats, to icons like Texas stars and flags. Whether you live here or just love to visit here, a Texas tattoo is an indelible homage to your love for the Lone Star State.

Texas wine and spirits: If you have spent any time at all in Texas, you know that the alcohol industry is booming here. Texas wines are second only to California’s in popularity and the industry continues to grow and expand. Brewers have also made their mark as have vodka, gin and bourbon distillers. As much as we love to support those industries, we ask that you refrain from indulging before visiting Platinum Ink before a piercing or tattoo. Texas wine and spirits do make a great souvenir, however.

Piercing: Looking for another permanent – or semi-permanent memento of your time in Texas? Getting a piercing in Austin will be an unforgettable reminder of your time here. Piercing spots are just about unlimited – from ears to nipples and from noses to navel — and each provide you with an opportunity for body art that will remind you of the memories you made while visiting Texas.

Barbecue sauce: Chili may be the official state food of Texas, but it is barbecue that gets residents’ and visitors’ mouths to water. Discovering – and devouring – great brisket is a quest with near religious over tones and more than a few great debates have taken place over the relative merits of various ‘cue joints. Many of those spots worthy of a pilgrimage make their own barbecue sauce, which is an ideal memento of your time enjoying great meat cooked low and slow.

Guitar: What could be a better reminder of your time in the Live Music Capital of the World than a guitar of your own? Options range from a beginner’s acoustic guitar for less than $100 to an investment in a vintage Stratocaster with a pedigree tracing it back to some of the most famous rockers of all time.

With a reputation as big as, well, Texas, the Lone Star State hosts millions of visitors each year. On average, those visitors contribute nearly $100 billion to our state’s economy and they bring home mementos of their time here that will inspire other visitors. Getting a tattoo in Austin is a permanent souvenir that will inspire conversation – and perhaps another visit.

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