The First Timer’s Guide To Tattoo Prices

Leafs Tattoo on ankle

The First Timer’s Guide To Tattoo Prices

So, you’re looking to get your first tattoo? Congratulations. A tattoo can be a wonderful means of self expression and we couldn’t be more excited for you. Though it is important to note that there are a lot of pitfalls a beginner can find themselves in. From bad tattoos to unexpectedly high prices, there’s a lot to learn about making the right decision. To make that process easier, we created the first timer’s guide to tattoo prices.

Come up with a budget. Tattoos start at $80, but like many things, tattoo prices range dramatically. Keep an open mind about budget – tattoos are a lifetime investment and not something you want to scrimp on. If you are looking to get an accurate picture will cost, set up a free consultation and then set your budget.

Be willing to spend a little extra. While it is common to go for the least expensive product, an overly cheap tattoo can spell trouble. A cheap price often indicates an inexperienced or poor artist. Getting a bad tattoo removed can be just as, or more, expensive than the price of the original thing itself. A cheap studio can be a health hazard as equipment may not be properly sanitized. Pay a little more now, and it’ll save you tons in the future.

Rates. Typically, tattoos that can be completed in one sitting are charged a flat rate – you’ll have a better idea of what it is after your initial consultation with your tattoo artist. Tattoos that require more than one session will usually be charged an hourly rate, which you can expect to be about $150 an hour.

Location. Another important factor in tattoo pricing is location. Wrists and ankles are among the least expensive and easiest areas to tattoo. Other areas, like the ribcage, neck, face, head and hands are more expensive.

Complexity. Another factor that can affect tattoo prices is the complexity of the design. Regardless of size or location, the detail a piece contains can drastically increase the time required. Thankfully, most artists will allow you to send in a picture of your desired design to receive an estimate of the price.

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Guide to Tattoo Prices