The Five Most Important Facts About Tattoo Aftercare

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The Five Most Important Facts About Tattoo Aftercare

Tattoos are an investment. Whether it’s the price paid upfront, the time spent getting it, or the reality that this is (mostly) permanent, a tattoo is a mark of pride. The last thing anyone wants is a tattoo ruined because of easily preventable mistakes. So what should someone looking to take good care of their new tattoo watch for? Here are the five most important facts about tattoo aftercare.

Important facts about tattoo aftercare

Be consistent. Most of us these days struggle staying on top of our health. Whether it’s taking care of our teeth, getting to sleep on time, or exercising, keeping the momentum rolling is hard. While all of these are important habits, tattoo aftercare is one area you definitely don’t want to drop the ball. We recommend routinely running through our aftercare list 4-5 times a day for 7-10 days. Don’t let your beautiful body art cause problems down the road.

Use aftercare ointment.
Getting a tattoo is hard on your skin. Improper tattoo aftercare can lead to scarring, infection, and even distortion of your tattoo. Even if you follow your aftercare instructions to a T, your tattoo is still at risk of damage. That’s because moisture is incredibly important to aftercare. Dry skin can cause excessive scabbing and itching. By using an aftercare ointment, such as our Recovery brand or Aquaphor, you help prevent these potential issues from occurring. Don’t ruin your new ink because of dry skin.

Don’t rebandage your tattoo. Out of concern for your bodily masterpiece, you may be tempted to shield the sensitive area by rebandaging it. This is a mistake. Proper healing requires the area of skin your tattoo rests on to have ample access to air.

Don’t expose your tattoo to the sun. While keeping your tattoo unbandaged is recommended, it’s equally important to prevent sun exposure. Your skin is in an incredibly sensitive state, meaning direct sunlight can lead to complications. For the first two weeks, the area must remain out of the sun. Afterwards, you may be tempted to get a tan to complete your body transformation. This is also not recommended. Wait eight weeks after getting your tattoo to directly tan the area. This allows proper time for the skin under your tattoo to heal, ensuring you’re ready to go for summer fun.

Let your scabs be. Many of us, whether consciously or unconsciously, pick at our skin. Some of us got into the habit as kids, despite the cries of our parents. Turns out those parents were on to something. Picking at scabs interrupts your body’s natural healing process, leading to scarring long term. I think you can imagine the detriments this could have to your tattoo. Long story short: avoid picking — your skin and your tattoo artist will thank you later.

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