Tattooes on gangbanger skin


Human taxidermy, with faux flayed tattooed skin, is the subject of Mexican artist Renato Garza Cervera’s series “Of Genuine Contemporary Beast.” The artist, who works in various mediums, created effigies of LA gang members, stylized as bearskin rugs, as a commentary on the vilification and dehumanizing of members of society. Here’s more from his artist statement:

Societies always invent new beasts in order to make others responsible for their problems, to express their fears and to invent them a new cover. Mass media play a very important role on this world-wide scapegoating process, by presenting some minorities as uncapable of thinking or feeling, delayed and dispensable people.

Of Genuine Contemporary Beast is a group of hyper-real sculptures depicting Mara Salvatruchas as flayed animal skins turned into rugs. The MS-13 and MS-18 gangs, originated in the 80’s in the Los Angeles area represent, among others, a minority which has been recently processed by the Caliban Factories.

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