What Does This Look Like to You?

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What Does This Look Like to You?

Poll: Does this tattoo look like balls to you?

Don’t you hate it when you spend hours getting what you think is a beautiful and unique tattoo design, only to have the internet tell you that you’ve permanently etched genitalia onto your leg? I know I do.

A tattoo artist out of Portland is making headlines for a design that seems a little too ~testicular~ for Twitter’s liking. The artist in question, Ellen Marie Murphy, uploaded the following tattoo to Instagram with the caption “love is kind.”

Unfortunately, this is the resulting tweet that garnered far more attention. Turns out it’s ridiculously easy to rack up likes when you innocently point out that someone has inked another set of balls on their body for all of eternity:

I’d just like to say, this is the kind of hard-hitting journalism we need more of. Instead of stories about natural disasters and political turmoil on my timeline, I’d like to see more heated debates on what does and does not look like testicles.

And now for a frank and honest discussion: Did the artist realize the uncanny resemblance? Did it slip her mind because she lacks a set of gnads herself? Is this supposed to be some sort of euphemism for “grabbing love by the balls?” Or is it just an innocent mix up that will have this poor bloke wearing pants for the rest of his life, lest someone get a peek of the goods before he can even buy them dinner?

Let us know what you think, because we’ve already made up our minds. And it’s definitely balls.