What You Need to Know About Body Art in Austin

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What You Need to Know About Body Art in Austin

From delicate nostril piercings to dramatic full-sleeve tattoos, the popularity of body art in Austin continues to surge. Like the rest of the country – and most of the world – Texas has embraced the storied tradition of decorated skin.

Body art encompasses tattoos, piercing, scarification, branding and shaping, although the first two are the most popular by far.

Here are seven things you need to know about body art in Austin

Metal matters: What you put in your body is important – and that is especially true if you are getting a piercing. Responsible piercing studios, like Platinum Ink, will only offer the highest-grade metals, like platinum, surgical steel, gold and titanium. Once your piercing is healed you can experiment with jewelry made from other materials.

Find an artist you like: Whether you are getting a piercing or a tattoo, your artist needs to be someone you feel comfortable with – both their professionalism and their personality.

Body art traditions run deep: Body art is one of the earliest forms of human art, dating back thousands of years. It has been used to ward off evil, commemorate milestones and indicate religious affiliation as well as convey status and simply decorate the body in cultures around the globe. Tattooing dates back at least 5,000 years, with tattooed skin found on mummified bodies in China, Alaska, Greenland, Egypt, Siberia, Mongolia, the Andes and the Philippines. The history of piercing is also significant and widespread. The oldest mummified body ever discovered had an ear piercing and lip, tongue, nipple and genital piercing is found throughout recorded history and around the world.

You will not want to stop at one: Whether it’s tattoos or piercings, once you have one, you’re going to want another. Decorating your body can be addicting, whether you are adding to your initial tattoo, exploring a new design or getting your first – or 51st — piercing.

Size matters: How big it is matters for both piercings and tattoos, but for different reasons. Piercing size is measured by the gauge, an initial piercing is typically 14g or 16g.. You don’t need to stop there, however. Platinum Ink offers stretching, allowing you to gradually increase the size of your piercing. Not surprisingly, the size of your tattoo impacts its price. Depending on your tolerance, you may also want to have a larger tattoo completed in two sessions.

Take the time to heal: Both tattoos and piercings take time to heal – some more than others. Your tattoo artist or piercer will give you careful instructions to make sure your art heals properly. Following those instructions will avoid infection, speed healing and make sure your new tattoo or piercing lasts.

You don’t want a first timer: When you are contemplating who you want to create your body art, experience is important. Platinum Ink has more than 17 years of experience creating body art in Austin.

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