This Woman Tattooed Her Cat and Oh My God, I Hate Her So Much

old cat with tattoo on neck

This Woman Tattooed Her Cat and Oh My God, I Hate Her So Much

If there’s one thing I know in life, it’s that we don’t deserve our pets. They’re cute, they’re always happy to see us, and they love our scent enough to chew on our clothes and bury themselves in our sheets. They love us unconditionally simply because we provide food and belly rubs. They’re simply better than us.

Elena Ivanickaya is an Instagram model from Ukraine who decided that her Sphinx cat, which is already one of the most expensive breeds in the world, just wasn’t glamorous enough. She had an image of an Egyptian God tattooed onto the cat’s chest while he was unconscious and plastered the photos all over the internet, presumably because she forgot that Instagram isn’t a private affair and she would be mercilessly berated for it. She quickly came under fire from furious followers who accused her of animal cruelty.

Okay, so maybe the cat looks badass. But still, it’s a cat. It wasn’t included in the decision to ink its naked skin. Animals shouldn’t be subjected to tattoos, excluding those from shelters indicating that they’re fixed. It’s okay to love your cat and want it to be unique… but if that’s the case, buy it a freaking sweater. Don’t put it under anesthesia and force unnecessary body mods on an animal that gives zero shits about aesthetics.

Ivanickaya countered claims that she abused her cat by saying that her cat is actually spoiled because he has his own Instagram page and eats fresh oysters. Which begs the question, is she actually dumb enough to think that her cat cares about or even understands the concept of being Instagram famous? A Ukrainian police spokeswoman told The Sun, “If we establish that the animal was tortured, we will open a criminal case.” All I’m saying is, this shit would not fly in America.