World’s Craziest Cat Lady Gets Tattoo Made From Feline Fur

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World’s Craziest Cat Lady Gets Tattoo Made From Feline Fur

Everyone knows at least one crazy cat lady. Like vegans, a cat lady will always identify herself to the room. This is because she has zero shame, and why should she? Dog lovers don’t have to justify themselves or their hobbies. As far as I’m concerned, we should all adopt a progressive mindset and realize that anybody who prefers some kind of fluffy being over other people is probably on the right track.

A tattoo model by the name of Makani Terror is perhaps the queen that reigns over all the other crazy cat ladies out there. She took her love of all things feline to a whole other level by getting a tattoo of her cat, Gizmo, using tattoo ink that was partially comprised of Gizmo’s fur.

The ink comes from a Swiss company by the name of SKIN46 that bears the slogan, “Get a tattoo ink made from a loved one’s hair.” All Terror had to do was send them five grams of hair (or rather, fur). They then produced an apparently safe version of tattoo ink made from carbon extracts taken from the “material,” and then mixed this with normal ink.

There are a lot of ways to express yourself and slowly adopt the cat lady stereotype into your lifestyle. Terror managed to fast track this process and give the permanent portrait of her pal an even more sentimental feel. Skin46 is still in its Kickstarter stage, and while some question the safety of the product, they maintain that they’re bringing a fresh spirit to tattooing. If nothing else, you have to give credit to the company for innovation, the model for her audacity, and the kitty for general adorableness.